Storage and Retrieval Systems


KASTO Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

TecSaw offers a wide variety of KASTO automated storage and retrieval systems.  Storage and retrieval systems are computer controlled systems which organize bar stock,sheet metal or other items.The systems are designed for high volumes of inventory in small spaces.

The basic automated storage and retrieval systems from KASTO allow the operator to choose the product they wish to retrieve.  The computer then directs the machine to the specific item and brings it fully automatically to the desired loading/unloading station.

More advanced KASTO system offer an almost unlimited degree of automation.KASTO storage can be equipped with fully automatic commissioning,bundling,wrapping or other automated material handling systems.

KASTO sawing centers even offer the possibility to fully automatically perform cutting jobs directly out of the storage system.In this case the material is brought out to one or multiple band saw or circular saw 新金沙线上娱乐网站machines that are integrated with the storage system.削减订单(数量的碎片,cut-off lengths) are finished fully automatically.Cut of pieces are discharged and could be even stacked onto a pallet by a robot,while remnant pieces are stored back into the storage system and inventory levels are adjusted accordingly.Now that's EXTREME PERFORMANCE.

Storage and retrieval systems are an investment into the future of your company and help you to stream-line your business.The benefits of a storage and retrieval system include,but are not limited to lower labour costs,more accurate inventory levels,consistent inventory tracking,increased workplace safety and as previously mentioned able to work within your space constraints.

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